Megasaur Slots

Insofar as high-paying online slots are concerned, Megasaur Slots sits right in the middle of the pack when it comes to the betting lines. However, that's where the similarity to the medium level pokies ends – from there, Megasaur Slots has the potential to deliver some life-changing amounts of cash right into your bank account. Of course, in order to access this feature you have to download the casino software and put down a qualifying deposit, from which you then receive an exclusive casino Welcome Bonus. Specifically, the highest amount you can wager in Megasaur is five dollars or five euros; the lowest amount that you can wager is $1.25 or the equivalent in euros. Therefore, for the price of a cup of coffee at Starbucks, you can enter the realm of high-paying cash possibilities. The prize amounted dividend between preset bets that are tied to the jackpot in the game. The first one is called a Minor Debt, the second one is called a Major Bet and the third and final one is called the Mega Bet. Then, you can choose the number of active pay lines. Casino veterans always recommend that you keep every single pay line active in order to maximize your probabilities of landing a winning combination.

Megasaur Slots Graphics Display and Special Features

When it comes to the all important visual display, Megasaur Slots has a very progressive interface; the graphics are a nice bridge between the old level of elite Slots and the new 3D video Slots that are all the rage. Specifically, the theme is one of the Jurassic Park jungles, with an atmosphere that lends fright, intrigue, and the action to come to the overall scenery. You will immediately recognize that the lettering is the same as was used in the blockbuster movie of the same name. As you might have surmised, the symbols are all the terrible land lizards – which is of course known as a dinosaurs of millennia past. Out of all of the usual suspects from the Cretaceous period, the most popular and powerful icons in the game are the Red Megasaur and the Green Megasaur. The super volcano symbol is also a special bonus icon that has the ability to deliver free spins and entry into the bonus features. As for the bonus features, you will find something, the Feature Guarantee as well as the Win-Win Feature that employs the large variety of in-game icons. These icons include the lower paying poker cards as well as the higher paying poker card jackets, a triceratops, and Allosaurus, a Tyrannosaurus rex, and more terrible lizards. You can hardly losing Megasaur Slots due to the Feature Guarantee, which activates after 250 non-winning spins. Further on down the line comes the Win-Win bonus feature which is activated if the amount of money you win before it does not measure up to 10 x during the progression of the free spins option. The prize that it delivers is an impressive 250 x whatever you wagered at the start of the real money Megasaur Slots game.

Megasaur Slots Symbols and Their Paytable Values

Now let’s get to the all important symbol combination Megasaur Slots payout monetary values that are of interest to those who download the software. As mentioned previously, the substitute symbols are doubled up in number and include the Green Megasaur and the Red Megasaur. The green variant is what is known as a group wild icon and it only shows up on the second real to replace every other symbol in the game except for the scattered super volcano and its red compadre. The Red Megasaur is also a group substitute symbol that only appears on the fourth real and substitutes for all other icons except for its green compadre and the scattered super volcano symbol. Whenever the more valuable Red Megasaur shows up on the reels, the symbol combination payout is doubled in value for a serious win. The Horned Triceratops is the most valuable of the non-special icons, and five of this defensive juggernaut on the reels is worth a 1000 coin reward, which turns into a 2000 coin prize when the red Megasaur wild substitutes for one of the Triceratops. For four Horned Triceratops symbols the payout is 500 coins – this becomes 1000 coins when the red Megasaur wild shows up; three Horned Triceratops symbols get you 100 coins and just two of them on the gameboard are worth 10 coins. A similarly high-value icon is the Sauropod; five of a kind delivers a 750 coin reward, which is doubled with the substitute symbol to 1500 coins. Four Sauropods are worth a 250 coin payout, which is again doubled in prize money to 500 coins. The remaining symbol combinations are not doubled, and are as such: three Sauropod icons are worth 50 cons and two are worth 5 coins. The last character icons include the Pterodactyl and the Raptor (specifically, the Velociraptor). For five of either one (they have identical payout values per combination), your remuneration is 250 coins, which becomes 500 coins with the wild. Four of either the Raptor or the Pterodactyl symbols get you 100 coins or 200 coins with the red Megasaur. Three of the above returns a payout of 25 coins, and two of either return a reward of just 2 coins. Closing out this review of Megasaur Slots are the poker card suits hinted at earlier. For both the Ace and the King, five of either gets you 150 coins; the red dinosaur even doubles these payouts to 300 coins for bother five of a kind and four of a kind on the reels. Four, thus, gets you 30 coins base level and 60 coins enhanced wild level. Three Aces or three Kings are worth 10 coins. The Joker and the Queen are worth 125 coins, which is doubled to 250 coins with the substitute. Four of either returns a payout of 25 coins, or 50 coins when the wild features. Three of them produce 5 coins. Download and enjoy Megasaur Slots tonight via download or browser-enabled Flash.