Ox Bonanza Slots

Move aside, Year of the Dog and Year of the Rat; the Year of the all-purpose herbivore is here with the golden Ox. The animal avatar of the Chinese New Year changes seemingly every new season, which is commensurate with Oriental mythology. This time around, it is hallowed by Ox Bonanza Slots by Real Time Gaming. With a 3 row grid layout, this Pokey has 5 reels and 25 pay lines which are enhanced by many enticing features including the Free Spins bonus feature, the Jackpot feature, Wild symbols and Scatter icons. As we will explore later, if you are fortunate enough to land three, four or even five scatter symbols (denoted by the game logo) simultaneously on a single spin, then you can win effectively 10, 20 or 100 extra chances at prolonging the game – delivered in the form of free spins. We will also talk about the double progressive jackpots a little bit later on, particularly the fact that they can reveal themselves randomly at any point in the game and, instead of supplanting your wins, or added to them. Released on the tail end of the Covid-19 pandemic, Ox Bonanza Slots is kept many an online casino gamers satiated during quarantine. This game is available for both Microsoft Windows desktop and mobile devices running on the Apple iOS and the android operating systems. As a potential provider of good fortune, it is possible to win up to 2000 times x in this game if you wager on the pay lines upon download.

Herbivore Bonus: Ox Bonanza Slots Bonus

You will probably never find a set of herbivore representatives that have so much power on the reels of this game board. Ox Bonanza Slats presents a blue gold ox symbol which serves as the games wild substitute; it only descends from the rafters onto the first reel and can make a substitution for every other symbol in the game except for the scattered Cardinal gold Ox Bonus symbol. Indeed, the blue gold While Ox also doubles your payout as long as it appears to make a substitution, and completes a winning combination as it does so.

The scattered Cardinal gold Ox Bonus scatter symbol requires only three of a kind to show up in order to activate the Ox Bonanza Slats Free Games bonus feature. If you managed to land five of a kind of the Cardinal gold Ox Bonus scatter, then you win an additional 200x as well as unlocking the Free Games bonus feature. The X variable, as usual, denotes the amount of money you wagered if you indeed had chosen to download the casino software and make a deposit for access to the real cash version of this video pokey. You land one fewer scatter symbol for a total of four Cardinal gold Ox Bonuses, then you win 10x plus you unlock the Free Games bonus feature. Finally, if you land the minimum number of three Cardinal gold Ox Bonus scatters and you just unlock the bonus feature and get the base number of free spins.

And Now…Regular Icon Payouts from Ox Bonanza Slots

Of the normal symbols in the game, the loftiest one is the serene yellow yak; if the maximum number of five serene yellow yak symbols appears in Ox Bonanza Slots, then your payout is a cool 2500 coins. If four of a kind of the serene yellow yak icons appears on the reels, then your pay line reward is 250 coins; if three serene yellow yak symbol show up you win 50 coins, and if two serene yellow yaks appear you win five coins. Following right after is the high-paying armored armadillo symbol (which may sound redundant – but wait until you get a load of how this character symbol looks on the game board); five armored armadillos produce a 1250 coin payout, four armored armadillo symbols get you 125 coins, three of a kind of the armored armadillo symbol is worth 25 coins, and two of them get you three coins as a payout.

In the book of Leviticus the Israelites are instructed not to eat or even touch the filthy pig animal; but in the Orient it is considered a delicacy – and so, here we are. The Porky pig with a golden sandal symbol, for five of a kind is worth 1000 coins in Ox Bonanza Slots; for pink swine symbols with a golden sandal get you 100 coins, three golden sandal wearing. Symbols are worth 15 coins, and two of a kind on the paylines gets you two coins. The final character in the game is a shaggy brown dog; five shaggy brown dog symbols are worth 300 coins, four shaggy brown dog symbols get you 50 coins, and three shaggy brown dog symbols are worth 10 coins.

The poker card symbols make a reappearance in this great game, and are counted as the Ace, the King, the Queen, the Joker/Jack, and the 10 (9 does not appear in the game). The King and the Queen have the exact same values, which are – five of a kind of the King or the Queen jackets are worth 250 coins; for of a kind of the King or the Queen suits from the poker table game are worth 30 coins, and three King symbols or three Queen symbols get you five coins. The Joker/Jack and the 10 are identical in symbol combination payout values; five of a kind of either are worth 125 coins, four Joker/Jack symbols or for 10 symbols get you 25 coins, and three of a kind of the Joker/Jack or the 10 symbols is worth five coins as a payout. Ox Bonanza Slots is making the rounds at numerous online casinos, and picking up rave reviews via real money play. Take a chance and have some fun tonight: download today.