Paddy's Lucky Forest Slots

If any part of you likes St. Patrick's Day and you have participated in those Irish festivities, then you are almost certain to like Paddy's Lucky Forest Slots. This Celtic ode to the Roman god Pan, who was the god of drunken revelry and woodland frolicking, is an exercise in what it means to get really lucky. As a game of chance, nothing is guaranteed - but if you do happen to luck into some winnings, you can rest assured that they will be considerable.

Paddy's Lucky Forest and St. Patrick's Day - Coin Denominations

St. Patrick's Day is held every 17th of March in the Western Hemisphere - even beyond the isles of Ireland. This Real Time Gaming slot manages to successfully recreate the festive atmosphere, with a dark but lush, verdant countryside in the background, and parades, fairies and leprechauns in the foreground and all about the reels. Keep in mind, too, that Paddy's Lucky forest Slots is a progressive and so holds in confidence a huge jackpot that increases in value as more and more players download the casino software to play for real cash and prizes.

As for the wagering lines, you have the option of betting a number of coins between $0.40 and $200 for every single spin, as you see fit. The top payout in this regard is 1,440 times your wager (and this gargantuan amount isn't even the Progressive Jackpot!). As you will see below in the full review, the lower-paying symbols from the table game poker still pay out handsomely; take care to recognize them, for in this pokey they take on the visage of Irish themed icons like the horseshoe and the four-leaf clover. As a parting salvo before we get to the next section, check out the bursting colors on the symbols that unlock the Slippery Bonus Feature; they are certain to catch your eye and perhaps open the doorway to the lucrative Pick Me Bonus round.

Leprechaun Values with Slot Symbols

Paddy's Lucky Forest Slots has a wealth of (pun intended) symbols on the reels that can combine for some fabulous payout combinations for the real money game are. In this short subsection, we detail the Wild and the Scatter symbols and what they represent for those who chose to download the casino software before activating the pokey. First of all, the Wild symbol is an emerald-green four leaf clover with the words Wild emblazoned in gold across it. It's only function is to substitute for any other symbol in the game save for the Scatter. It also has payout combinations of its own when you land either five of a kind, four of a kind, three of a kind, two of a kind, or even a single one of a kind of the substituting wild symbol on the game board. The next very important bonus symbol is the Scattered cauldron of gold coins; if you land either three of a kind or two of a kind on the reels at the same time, you receive an opportunity to multiply your starting wager by the listed amount. Furthermore, three Scattered cauldron of gold symbols activates the feature known as the Pick Bonus; it is responsible for rewarding the player with instant cash prizes and/or free games.

Paddy's Lucky Forest Slots Icon Combos and Their Values

Beginning the normal icon combinations on the right foot, we have the red bearded major leprechaun; five of a kind of the red bearded major leprechaun symbol delivers a payout of 1200 impressive gold coins. If instead the reels turn and deliver for of a kind of the red bearded major leprechaun symbol you win 180 coins, and for three of a kind of the red bearded major leprechaun icon you win 50 coins on the pay lines. The next noteworthy symbol because of the high-paying values is the Green Giant endemic to Irish mythology icon; five green giants from Irish myths returns a 400 coin payout, four mythological Irish Green Giant symbols get you 120 coins, and three mythological Irish Green Giant icons are worth 40 coins.

In the middle level IV symbol combination payout values we have the fairy goddess awash in several indigo hues; for five such fairy goddess icons on the reels at the same time you get a 250 coin payout delivered to your casino account. If instead four indigo colored fairy goddess symbols appear you win 60 coins, and for three indigo colored fairy goddess symbols you win 25 coins. Next up is a flaming red fairy goddess; five flaming red fairy goddess symbols are worth 125 coins, four flaming red cherry goddess symbols get you 40 coins, and three flaming cherry red fairy goddess symbols are worth 20 coins. Paddy's Lucky Forest Slots also has the sparkling golden horseshoe icon which, for five of a kind on the reels, delivers an 80 coins reward; for sparkling golden horseshoe symbols get you 20 coins, and three of a kind of the sparkling golden horseshoe symbols are worth 10 coins. The final symbol in the game that is not from the table game poker is the Irish rainbow leading to the pot of gold icon; five Irish rainbow symbols are worth 100 coins, four Irish rainbow symbols get you 30 coins, and three of a kind of the Irish rainbows are worth 15 coins.

Paddy's Lucky Forest Slots employs the poker card symbols from Ace of spades as the final icon combinations that still result in a payout. It is necessary because this game has 720 possible winning combinations. The first of the symbols is a glistening pink heart; five pink hearts are worth 80 coins, four glistening pink heart symbols get you 20 coins, and three glistening pink hearts are worth 10 coins. The next low-paying symbol is a deep blue spades; five deep blue spades symbols get you 40 coins, four deep blue spades symbols are worth 15 coins, and three deep blue spades are worth five coins. Rounding out this bunch are the verdant green clover symbol and the indigo diamond symbols; five of a kind of either one is worth 40 coins, four of a kind of either of these get you 15 coins, and five of either the verdant green clover symbol or the indigo diamond symbol appearing simultaneously are worth five coins. You can download Paddy's Lucky Forest Slots from your favorite online gaming casino to get an up-close view of this old to Irish lore and mythology.