Mardi Gras Magic Slots

This top-notch pokey represents itself well with 5 reels and 25 pay lines straight from the coffers of Real Time Gaming. Marty Grant Magic Slots is the name, and frolicking with a festive atmosphere is the game. Laden down with multiple chances at winning combinations, there is a free mode available that does not require you to download - however, you can only hope to "win" a form of virtual currency known as fun money; obviously, you cannot spend it on anything real but have to settle for psychological satisfaction.

The download option, however, opens up a world of sincere gambling if the latter is allowed in your jurisdiction. Just make sure you play is an online casino that is open to US players. You will be regaled by the carnival masks, jeweled symbol combinations, carnival gear, feathers and beads and more. Make sure you check out the pay table before you leave this review in begin playing in earnest, for it will inform you of the things you stand to win in the real money version of Mardi Gras Magic Slots.

On the reels, you will find symbols such as very attractive Brazilian samba ladies dressed in colorful garb. One of the symbols, for example, is a pretty young last wearing it in orange and flamingo headdress; she looks like a dancer and places more professional than the St. Louis streets. A similar symbol is an equally lovely lady wearing Royal purple headdresses and a skimpy bikini. Next to her is a symbol that looks suspiciously like a margarita. If you favor blondes, then don't worry - there's a blonde dancer wearing heavy makeup and looking like a caricature. Other symbols include fireworks, the Mardi Gras Magic Slots game symbol and the many characters that you would find in a circus.

Mardi Gras Magic Slots Bonus Icon Abilities

In keeping with the distinct or of magic and festivities that surround the annual St. Louis Mardi Gras parade festival, Real Time Gaming's Marty Grant Magic Slots bonus symbols are representative of some of the most common costumes and enigmatic symbols. The Madcap Joker wild symbol is capable of making a substitution for every single one of the dozen symbols on the game board - all except for the scatter. Even by itself, the symbol produces payouts a very high value: if you land five of a kind of the Madcap Joker symbol on the reels you win a 4000 coins reward; for Madcap Joker symbols get you a considerable 500 tokens, three Madcap Joker symbols are worth 25 coins, and two of the substitute Madcap Joker symbol get you 10 coins.

The second bonus symbol in the game is represented with a golden moon that sleeping with a purple nightcap. Don't look too much into the weirdness of the symbol; again, it is representative of the magic of St. Louis and Mardi Gras! The scattered sleeping moon symbol is also the marker for the Free Spins Feature and is activated when a minimum of three of a kind show up at the same time on the reels. Furthermore, three of the sleeping moon scatters are worth a 5x payout (x is the variable representing the wager you made in the download version of this Pokey); for scattered sleeping moon symbols get you 25x and a full house of five scattered moons are worth 50x.

Mardi Gras Magic Slots Download Version: Symbols and Payouts

with a bonus symbols out of the way, the next highest paying symbol is a lovely redheaded lass in a revealing purple dress - she is quite buxom, if we do say so ourselves. But what's important is the value she brings to your bank account if you line up the symbols correctly. If you land five of the pretty redhead lady with purple dress icon you win 2000 coins; for of a kind of the redheaded woman in the revealing purple dress delivers a 250 coin reward, three of the redhead with purple dress get you 25 coins, and a double dose of the redheaded woman produces a five coin payout. The second in command of the regular symbols is a green and gold crocodile; five green and gold crocodile symbols are worth 1000 coins, four green and gold crocodile's get you 200 coins, and three green and gold crocodiles are worth 20 coins.

A circus character lady with huge glasses makes her debut as the third highest paying symbol in Mardi Gras Magic Slots. For five of the large glasses lady symbols on the reels you win 750 coins, four of a kind of the circus lady with the large glasses get you 150 coins, and three of the circus lady with large glasses symbols get you 15 coins. Next up is the similarly-valued fireworks clock symbol; it also looks like a crouched band member carrying a drum with the visage of a clock on his back. But whatever; five of a kind of this odd character icon is worth 500 coins, four of this particular character get you 100 coins, and three of a kind of the band members/fireworks clock symbol is worth 10 coins.

Sliding into the lower tier of this game that lacks poker card symbol representations is the St. Louis miscreant icon; he's wearing what looks to be a striped prisoners garb. For five of the St. Louis miscreant icons on the board you win 200 coins, for four of the St. Louis miscreant symbols you win 40 coins, and for three of a kind of this thug you get 8 coins. The next symbol are a couple of circus character faces; five of a kind is worth 200 coins, four of this dual together get you 40 coins, and three of these characters payout a coins - just like the St. Louis miscreant symbol.

In the final and lowest tier of the game you got to symbols remaining: a purple cauldron and a feathery eye mask. Insofar as the purple cauldron symbol is concerned, five of them is worth a not too shabby 100 coins; four purple cauldron symbols get you 25 coins, and three purple cauldron icons are worth five coins. As for the last symbol, the feathery eye mask symbol get you 100 coins if five of a kind appear simultaneously, or you win 25 coins if four feathery eye mask symbols appear, and lastly you get five coins if three feathery eye mask symbols dominate the reels. All of the symbol payout combinations only apply if you download the casino software and initiator account by making a deposit. You will love this Real Time Gaming venture whether you care for Mardi Gras or not - download tonight!